Asthma Story 2 - “My doctor says that my asthma is severe”

Mr KS is a Russian visitor who was so concerned about his asthma because he was told that his asthma is severe that he seeked a second opinion. When he was a 14 years old teenager, asthma was diagnosed and he needed hospital admissions a couple of times.

He was relatively well, but over the past 2 years, he has had more asthma symptoms, and was told that his asthma was severe, reinforced by the fact that he needed to use Ventolin inhaler to relieve his symptoms about 14 times daily.

Nonetheless, on further questioning, Mr KS did not have other symptoms indicative of severe asthma. When his lung function measured, it showed that his asthma was not severe.

Mr KS was treated with a moderate dose of anti-asthma medication. When he was reviewed after 2 days, he was feeling much better, and was happy that he had not needed a single puff of Ventolin inhaler.


Asthma should be objectively evaluated. More often than not, asthma is more severe than expected.