Asthma Story 1 - Fall and fractured ribs at night

Madam C went to emergency department near mid-night because her chest pain was getting unbearable. After getting out of her hotel bed the night before, she fell and injured the right side of her chest. During the day, she sought help with a doctor, and was treated with pain killers.

Unfortunately, the pain killer was inadequate to control her pain, leading to her attending the ED for further help. She was admitted, and after a couple of days, she was discharged.

Madam C got out of bed in the early hours of the morning was because her cough was troubling her more than usual. Madam C has chronic cough for a number of years, and has been taking traditional medicine.

Madam C lung function confirmed that she has chronic asthma with poor lung function. After starting anti-asthma treatment, her cough markedly improved, as was her lung function. Madam C was strongly advised to continue with regular asthma treatment after her return to Spain. In Madam C’s case, she has chronic asthma that was not controlled. If her asthma was controlled, she would not have fell, and avoided sevearl days of pain and hospitalization.


Asthma, even with chronic symstoms, is often taken lightly by patients.